I studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, home to painters, sculptors, illustrators, and all manner of cheeky individuals. Young aspiring artists would often choose a pseudonym for themselves. Swept up in a whirlwind of creativity, I decided that I needed something less traditional than Almudena, a name less reminiscent of religious folklore. After playing around with the letters in my surname, I got ‘perperia’, which has been my artistic alter ego ever since.


Throughout the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to work in many different fields of graphic design for a number of advertising agencies and brands from France, Venezuela, Canada and Spain. I currently work as an art director for Big Picture in Berlin, where I’ve further honed my knowledge of the digital world, earned myself the title of interface designer, and where I spend every day further delving into the ins and outs of responsive design.


I consider myself a versatile, creative, and interdisciplinary designer and illustrator, with a passion for design, the Internet, art, and photography. I am responsible, flexible, and I hold myself to very high standards.

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Areas of Design

UI Design


Advertising Design

Print Projects

Icon Design

Digital Illustration

Character Design


Corporate Websites


Landing Pages

Identity / Logo Design

Business Cards & Stationery

Catalog & Brochure & Infographics

Print Design & Magazine Layout

Covers & Label Design

Image Editing & Retouching

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Over ten years in print design

Four years in web design

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InVision Studio

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