Advertising Campaign «Football, Running and Driving» and «Fox», Label Design, Graphics for the Stand Psw Kids in Citadium

Role: Art Direction, Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration


Project Overview

People’Swalk prepares to launch its newest lines of footwear, ‘Football, Running, and Driving’ and ‘Fox’.

The former offers a casual style inspired by the sports world, suitable for daily use by urban and cosmopolitan people; the latter collection uses 100% cotton fabric and soles made from recycled tyres to offer fresh, unisex, and sustainable designs at a very accessible price range.

Additionally, the Monderer Group requires a series of illustrations for its children’s footwear display, located in the Citadium shopping centre in Paris.

The Solution

Using the slogan ‘urban flow’ and their existing corporate colour scheme, the company launched a number of adverts that combined buildings and street furniture with silhouettes of people interacting with the city. These graphics were also used to design soles and shoeboxes for both lines.

The Fox collection uses wordplay with the brand’s own name, ‘another swalk’, highlighting the line’s potential as a more eco-friendly option for consumers.

The display’s design includes a vast array of colourful shoelaces in the shape of hearts, geishas, characters, ninjas, animals, Russian nesting dolls, and katanas. Decorative glow sticks and piles of trainers cover the entirety of the display.