Smart microsite Role: Art Direction, Visual Design, Illustration   Project Overview Create a microsite to showcase the newest range of original BRABUS accessories, designed to emphasise the sporty, dynamic look of both the Smart Fortwo and the Smart Forfour.


Website, Landing page, Icons, Posters Role: Visual Design, Illustration   Project Overview Banking issues can be extremely annoying and difficult in today's lifestyle.

Igone Natural

Label Design, Branding, Banners Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design   Project Overview Botanical coordinator Igone Amoztegui decided that it was time to rebuild the brand's image from the ground up.

Jump Europe

Prints, Display, Shoe Box, Patterns Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging   Project Overview For those who want to feel different and stand out from the crowd, Jump Europa seeks to complete its wide range of footwear designs with new, dynamic prints inspired by the latest trends.


Infographics Role: Illustration   Project Overview The goal was to effectively summarise the kinds of subsidised reforms offered by the German Development Bank (KfW) within a socially and economically cooperative framework with an eco-friendly focus.

I want to be you

Role: Digital Art   Project Overview Create a project that displays a form of eroticism deeper than the mere concept of queerness, developing a common vocabulary capable of transcending all labels and senses, and uniting the three kingdoms: animal, plant, and mineral.


Advertising Campaign "Football, Running and Driving" and "Fox", Label Design, Graphics for the Stand Psw Kids in Citadium Role: Art Direction, Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration   Project Overview People'Swalk prepares to launch its newest lines of footwear, 'Football, Running, and Driving' and 'Fox'.


Logotype, Stationery, Shoe box, Print Marie Antoniette, Graphics Role: Art Direction,Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging   Project Overview Fashionistas is a brand of fashion footwear inspired by the glamorous world of celebrities.

Funky Food

Logotype, Business Card, Patterns, Restaurant Menu, Music Menu Role: Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design   Project Overview Going to a restaurant in which you can not only choose from a number of delicious dishes, but also select the accompanying music is an incredibly interesting and motivating experience from which to begin building a new brand image.


Covers Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration   Project Overview The Permissive Records label is made up of DJs Jesús Ortega, Iván Serra, and Javi Golo, who produce music with a distinct electro-techno style.